On this space you will find more information about the Goals for Life Copa Gastronômica and how the project helps the Little Prince Complex, an institution that aims to “protect children and adolescents through health assistance, teaching, research and social mobilization and strengthening the family unit”.

Goals for Life Copa Gastronômica

The Goals for Life Copa Gastronômica is a gastronomic exhibition that aims to disclose tastes and knowledge. At the same time, the event rescues the method of preparation of typical dishes of Brazilian cuisine. The event brings together chefs from Brazil and abroad to prepare recipes inspired by local ingredients, presenting them to the public in a space that combines food, culture and solidarity.

Created by the Little Prince Complex – in partnership with the chef Letícia Krause and having as a patron the famous chef Claude Troisgros –, the Goals for Life Copa Gastronômica is a tasty way to celebrate our culture.

The first event of Goals for Life Copa Gastronômica was held in Curitiba (Brazil), in 2011. The second event took place in São Paulo (Brazil), on August, 2012. And on October 25, 2012, the event happened in Paris (France). After the French capital, it was time to celebrate the Brazilian gastronomy in New York City, in 2013. In 2014 the event was held in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), after the FIFA World Cup in the country.

All the funds raised in these events is donated to the Pelé Little Prince Research Institute, that it is part of the Little Prince Complex, as well the Little Prince Hospital and the Little Prince College.