Claude Troisgros

Claude Troisgros

The name Troisgros circulates in the gastronomic scenario since at least three generations. The family began its tradition in France, in the 1930s. Pioneer, Jean-Baptiste, the grandfather, caused a tumult in the restricted circle of the French culinary when he suggested red win to accompany fish. Pierre, Claude’s father and Jean’s brother, was encouraged to follow this unquiet and unlimited way of cooking, defined by Jean-Baptist as “the ability to harmonize the treasures of the Earth”. The Troisgros Brothers, along with the good friend Paul Bocuse, inspired the revolution that until today causes controversy around the world: the French nouvelle cuisine.

The Troisgros Restaurant, situated in Roanne, in France, has put the small town on the map of the worldwide gastronomy. Some years later, as recognition of their work, the city hall painted its train station in the colors green and salmon pink, in honor of one of the leading and revolutionary creations of Troisgros: a salmon roasted on the outside but absolutely translucent inside, served with sorrel sauce. Creations like that ensured to their restaurant the coveted three stars of The Michelin Guide.

Born in a family of alchemists, we couldn’t expect nothing less from Claude, one of the greatest names of the international gastronomy, builder of a modern bridge between the French and Brazilian cuisines. Graduated at the Hotel Training School of Thonon Les Bains, he arrived in Brazil through the hand of Gaston Lenôtre, who has explored the gastronomy of Rio de Janeiro since 32 years before with the Le Pré Catelan, where the young chef began his career.

He settled in Rio de Janeiro, formed his family and, passionate about Brazil, launched a new culinary perspective, which became his trademark. Brazilian ingredients and flavors – such cashew and cabbage palm fruit – became faithful companions of classics such foie gras, caviar and even soufflé. In his 30 years in Brazil, Claude Troisgros opened several restaurants and also led his kitchen to abroad. He enchanted people like Mike Jagger, Elton John and the former president of United States Bill Clinton. In Olympe, in Rio de Janeiro, recognized by critics countless times as the best French restaurant of the city, he serves amazing and fascinating dishes, like ravioli stuffed with yam mousseline in velvety white sauce, the grilled fillet of sole with banana and the famous cheesecake covered with burned guava syrup – one of the best adaptations of Romeo and Juliet for the taste of haute cuisine.

Immensely prized, he hosted for four years the television show “Confidence Menu”, on the GNT channel, and currently runs “What Marravilha!” on the same channel, in which prepares recipes that viewers have asked. Another Troisgros’ initiative was sponsoring the Goals for Life Copa Gastronômica project, in order to raise funds for the Pelé Little Prince Research Institute, based in Curitiba. After all, is there anything more solidary and delicious than enjoy a wonder towards a noble cause?