Rio de Janeiro 2014

Solidarity and emotion mark the Rio de Janeiro edition of the Goals for Life Copa Gastronômica

The benefit gala had gastronomy allstars playing the field as well as actress Marisa Orth as its master of ceremonies and a concert by Tiago Abravanel. Real stories from the Little Prince Hospital’s patients were also part of the event

COPA GASTRONOMICA_607This thursday, 14, the Copacabana Palace’s ballrooms received the 5th edition of the Goals for Life Copa Gastronômica. The gala dinner was prepared voluntarily by allstar chefs from the world’s gastronomy scene and was characterized by solidarity. Along with this, moments of emotion, glamour, and a festive spirit were shared by approximately 300 people coming from all over the country and abroad. Actress Marisa Orth accepted the invitation to be the event’s master of ceremonies. Actor and singer Thiago Abranavel also performed Tim Maia songs and other hits during the evening.

Since it was first launched in 2011, the Goals for Life Copa Gastronômica project has kept its goal to unite high gastronomy and solidarity. In Rio de Janeiro, it wasn’t any different. Among delicious dishes prepared by a team of first class chefs led by renowned chef Clauge Troisgros, godfather of the event, the dinner brought together people supporting the cause of child and adolescent health. “Our hospital is a diffferent place. There is a lot of color, a lot of life. This is because we understand that a hospital is a place of inclusion. We have a symbolic tree whose roots are firm in the earth and leaves reach to the sky to embrace the world”, said Ety Cristina Forte Carneiro, executive diretor of the pequeno Príncipe Hospital and general director of the Pelé Little Prince Research Institute, institution which received the proceeds from the dinner.

Copa Gastronomica Rio-161-2Much of what happened in Rio de Janeiro was a result of a network of solidarity led by honour presidents Daniele Giacomazzi Behring, Belinda Badcock Brito and Amália Spinardi Thompson Motta. Even with busy agendas, they took charge of presenting Pequeno Príncipe’s causes to the public and companies present. During the dinner, Ety said a special thank-you to them as well as to Alexandre Behring, Carlos Brito and Roberto Thompson. José Álvaro da Silva Carneiro, corporate director of the Little Prince Complex, reinforced his gratitude. “I want to give a special thank-you to you for embracing this project”, he emphasized.

Daniele Giacomazzi Behring thanked the directors for being given the chance to participate in this project. “I would like to thank Ety and José Álvaro for the opportunity they gave me to participate in such an important initiative. I thank you with all of my heart and with all of my affection for being here today”, she said. Flávia Cristina Kurtz, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, Pelé’s daughter was also present and gave thanks to the partnership with the Little Prince Complex.

In Rio de Janeiro, the dinner guests were given the chance to get to know Maria Eduarda’s story, a patient who was treated in a study by the Research Institute. “I had a son, Vinícius, who at one year and eight months old died due to a adrenal cortex tumor. At the time, the Pelé Little Prince Research Institute did not exist. When my daughter was born the Research Institute followed her case and discovered that she also had a tumor in her cortex. She has already undergone surgery and had the smaller tumor removed.Today she is healthy”, told Jeane Ferreti Palmeira, the girl’s mother. “When Maria Eduarda was born, we followed her case since her brother had had a gene mutation. Today we treat 728 cases until the patient turns 15 and as a reward we have this beautiful girl”, added Bonald Cavalcante de Figueiredo, the Complex’s scientific director.

Chefs and tributes
Copa Gastronomica Rio-435For this edition, Claude Troisgros invited French chef Gérald Passédat, who runs Le Petit Nice, a restaurant in Marseille which holds three stars in the Michelin Guide. This was the second time that he cooked in Brazil, but his first time in Rio. The other chefs who particpated were the also French Dominique Gerin, Helena Rizzo and Roberta Sudbrack from Rio Grande do Sul, and Thomas Troisgros from Rio. Before the Rio de Janeiro edition, the event had been held in Curitiba (2011), São Paulo (2012), Paris (2012) and New York (2013), mixing international recipes with Brazilian ingredients received with tremendous success.

“I’ve known about the Little Prince’s project for five years and there was no way that I wouldn’t get involved in the cause”, highlighted chef Claude Troisgros. “Today I already asked when the next edition of the dinner is going to be held. I can’t wait to score more goals for life”, added chef Roberta Sudbrack who has participated in all previous editions of the Copa Gastronômica.

Other high points fn the dinner were the tributes paid to couple Claude Troisgros and Clarisse Sette Troisgross and to the physicist Sérgio Mascarenhas who has brought great cientific develpment to the country. François d’Agay, great-nephew to Antoine Saint- Exupery, author of the classic children’s book the institution is named after, also received a tribute.


A team of first class chefs were chosen for the Rio edition. Along with chef Claude Troisgross, godfather of the event, Dominique Guerin, Gérald Passédat, Helena Rizzo, Roberta Sudbrack and Thomas Troisgros were present.

Claude Troisgros

Claude Troisgros

From France to Brazil, he loves our Brazilian gastronomy treasures. He is son of the famous chef Pierre Troisgros

Dominique Guerin

One of the first French chefs to arrive in Brazil, Dominique arrived in the 1970’s and has been elected Rio’s best pâtissier

Gérald Passédat

French chef who commands Le Petit Nice, in Marseille, a three starred restaurant by the Michelin Guide

Helena Rizzo

Helena Rizzo

From Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, she opted for the culinary career instead the architecture college

Roberta Sudbrack

Roberta Sudbrack

She was the first woman to lead the kitchen of Palácio da Alvorada and her restaurant is among the world’s top 100

Thomas Troisgros

Thomas Troisgros

He is part of the fourth generation of a chefs’ clan who built much of the modern gastronomy


The recipes of the Rio de Janeiro edition reflected the talent of the renowned chefs and used very Brazilian ingredients in their preparation.

Sun dried beef, arracha, rapadura, Minas cheese and pennyroyal

Minas cheese adds to the recipe’s flavor

Chococobanana with vanilla ice-cream

A perfect combination of choclate, ice-cream, coconut and banana jam

Pork ribs, honey and smoked cabbage

Pork meat is one of the most consumed meats in the world

Snapper with quinoa, tucupi purê and sorrel

Tucupi is extracted from the manioc and is used frequently in dishes from the North of the country

Scallops with asparagus and passion fruit cream

Scallops with asparagus and passion fruit cream